codename: Cuttlefish

Color Barcode Generator aka 99 Palettes at Once, aka Super Multiblend Generator

This generator displays between 1 and 99 palettes from COLOURLovers at once. Think of it as a stream of palettes.

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How to make a High-res Image for Prints

These steps deal with Photoshop for an important reason. Photoshop allows resizing using the "Nearest Neighbor" setting. It's necessary to keep the lines cripsy when resizing to a larger file. Other programs like Paint, Preview, and online image editors do not have this setting (GIMP may, I'm not sure).

  1. Take a screenshot
    • Save as a .PNG or .BMP.
    • DO NOT save as a .JPG, it leaves ugly compression artifacts.
  2. Open the screenshot in Photoshop
  3. Crop in to what you want
  4. Resize using "Nearest Neighbor"
    • In Photoshop, choose File > Image > Image Size
    • Set the resampling option to "Nearest Neighbor"
    • Make the image as large as you want. You don't need to constrain proportions. Nearest Neighbor
  5. Save as .TIFF and possibly convert
    • Printers like .TIFFs. Printers are your friends.
    • If your printer requires CMYK files (right now you are in RGB color space). Choose Image > Mode > CMYK. Expect some shifting to occur.
  6. Don't sell your print
    • It was made using ColourLover's API, and therefore may not be used for commercial purposes.
  7. Commence skipping